Past Projects

Overview of the E-Portfolio

My name is Gareth Brinn. I am a Master of Arts in Technical Communication and E-Learning student at the University of Limerick. Also, I have an undergraduate degree in English and Sociology. I currently live in Limerick City, Ireland but I am open to relocation for professional and educational purposes.

This portfolio exists to highlight my best work, skills, and knowledge in the fields of technical communication and e-learning. 

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Projects that I am currently collaborating on

Instructions Redesign

I redesigned a set of instructions for a child's experiment kit. This design showcases my ability to be creative while adhering to key design principles.

Cover page of the instructions redesign.

I created this image using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Instructional Podcast

I created the introductory lesson of a fictional course centring on the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community.

I used this assignment to showcase the role that instructional designers could have in implementing social change through education.

Pride Flag

Image taken from Wix stock images.

Graphics Critique

I critiqued three graphics that I found online. I also remade one of the graphics. This document demonstrates my critical analysis skills and my ability to (re)design graphics.

Image taken from the Limerick City and County Council 2018 Report, p.156.

Proposal and Storyboard

Chloe Keane and I decided to create a resource hub for students of English literature in third-level institutions. These two documents show the initial proposal and storyboard that we created for the project.

Summary of the Proposed Open Educational Resource.

Image created by Chloe Keane using Canva.

My Latest Tweets

Gorm Media

Gorm Media is a digital platform that seeks to dissect ireland's social issues through articles, education and the YouTube series 'Gorm TV'.

Tips and Tools for Students of English Literature

An Open Educational Resource that offers tips, advice, and resources to English literature students in third-level education.


A new magazine that seeks to create a comprehensive view of the social issues facing Irish society today by bringing together artists, activists, creative writers, and academics.